Veterinary Clinic Services

Companion Animals

  • Companion animals include all pets, but typically dogs and cats
  • Bio-security: Vaccination, export permits, travel certificates
  • Sterilization and neutering of pets
  • Reproduction: Semen collection and artificial insemination
  • Dental care, including descaling and polishing under sedation and extractions under general anaesthesia
  • Radiography to screen for degenerative joint diseases, including hip and elbow scoring
  • Ultrasonography, including pregnancy diagnosis
  • Diagnostics: In-house biochemistry, blood and urine analysis, blood smears, Haematocrit, Parvo, Distemper, FeLV/FIV snap-tests, faecal analysis, worm egg counts

Production Animals

  • Production animals include dairy, beef or small stock farming
  • Our Herd Health programmes optimise production and profit
  • Reproductive services include pregnancy testing and routine non-cycler and synchronisation services
  • Training programmes for farm staff on AI training, disease spotting and primary treatment
  • Fertility and reproduction-related disease monitoring, semen collection, freezing, fresh semen AI and embryo transplanting
  • Biosecurity measures such as tailor-made vaccinations, early warning for emerging diseases and continuous consultancy
  • Lameness control, hoof care, postmortems, blood/milk sampling, trace element monitoring, insurance certifications and more

Equine Animals

  • Equine animals include horses, donkeys and ponies
  • Pre-purchase examinations and certificates
  • Lameness work-ups including radiography and ultrasound
  • Passports for identification and movement certificates
  • Reproductive services including pregnancy scans
  • Endurance vetting
  • Vaccination
  • Dentistry

Wildlife and Exotic

  • Exotic animals include birds, lizards, rabbits, rats, guinea pigs, snakes, tortoises, hamsters and so on
  • Assistance with capture, immobilization and transportation of wildlife
  • DNA testing of wildlife
  • Avian wing, beak and toenail trimming
  • Avian gender determination
  • Castration and sterilization
  • Soft tissue and orthopaedic surgery

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