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  • Identipet Hub

    Identipet Hub

    R3094.65 INCL VAT
  • Identipet Mat & Bowl Set ( Pink,Blue,Green)

    Identipet Mat & Bowl Set

    R538.20 INCL VAT
  • Identipet Microchip Feeder

    Identipet Microchip Feeder

    R3632.85 INCL VAT
  • Identipet Mounting Adaptor Pet Door

    Identipet Mounting Adaptor Cat Flap & Pet Door

    R469.49 INCL VAT
  • Identipet Pet Door Connect

    Identipet Pet Door Connect

    R4305.60 INCL VAT
  • Identipet Cat Flap Connect

    Identipet SureFlap Microchip Connect

    R3064.75 INCL VAT
  • Identipet Tunnel Extender Cat Flap & Connect

    Identipet Tunnel Extender (Cat Flap & Pet Door)

    R261.63 INCL VAT
  • Kittymilk 250g

    Kittymilk 250g

    R181.64 INCL VAT
  • Kyro B Plus Liver 100ml

    Kyro B Plus Liver 100ml

    R138.74 INCL VAT
  • Kyrovite B1 100ml

    Kyrovite B1 100ml

    R139.27 INCL VAT
  • Kyrovite Bco Super 100ml

    Kyrovite Bco Super 100ml

    R119.60 INCL VAT
  • Laxapet 50g

    Laxapet 50g

    R83.80 INCL VAT
  • Milbemax Tasty Cat

    R26.93R54.63 INCL VAT
  • Milpro Deworming Single Tablets (Cats & Kittens)

    R16.68R32.78 INCL VAT
  • Mirracote Healthi Treats


    R85.89R215.73 INCL VAT
  • Mirracote With Biozinc 200ml

    Mirracote With Biozinc 200ml

    R136.79 INCL VAT

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  • Allercalm Shampoo 250ml

    R190.15 INCL VAT
  • Allermyl Shampoo 200ml

    R388.42 INCL VAT
  • Sale!

    Bravecto for Dogs

    R215.63R452.53 INCL VAT
  • Sale!

    Bravecto Plus for Cats

    R255.30R317.40 INCL VAT