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  • Allflex Sheep Male/Sheep Female Tags (bag of 100)

    R572.70R675.66 INCL VAT
  • Allflex Tag Button Male M1 Singles

    R3.38 INCL VAT
  • Allflex Tube Fed Syringes

    R443.07 INCL VAT
  • Amipor Pour-On 20L

    R3779.94 INCL VAT
  • Avex 1L

    Avex 1L

    R811.44 INCL VAT
  • Avotan Pour On 20L

    R1027.80R5070.17 INCL VAT
  • B-Co Phos Inj 500ml

    B-Co Phos Inj 500ml

    R672.38 INCL VAT
  • Baycox 5% Oral Solution

    Baycox Oral 5% 1L

    R2880.65 INCL VAT
  • BEF-TECT (3-Day Stiffsickness) 50 doses

    R1022.12 INCL VAT
  • Berenil RTU 100ml

    Berenil RTU 100ml

    R275.18 INCL VAT
  • Bitek: Shift, Target Powergel, GPC8, FAM 30 (5L’s)

    R110.27R456.18 INCL VAT
  • Blue Tongue / Bloutong (100X1ml)

    Blue Tongue / Bloutong (100 doses)

    R905.91 INCL VAT
  • Botuthrax 100ml

    Botuthrax 100ml

    R341.21 INCL VAT
  • Botuvax 100ml

    Botuvax 100ml

    R250.96 INCL VAT
  • Bovi-Thrive Calf 10L

    R5875.93 INCL VAT
  • Bovi-Thrive Cattle 10L

    R5211.80 INCL VAT