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  • Iodine Tincture 2.5L

    R714.86 INCL VAT
  • Kyro B Plus Liver 100ml

    Kyro B Plus Liver 100ml

    R141.55 INCL VAT
  • Kyroligo 100ml

    Kyroligo 100ml

    R170.75 INCL VAT
  • Kyrovite B1 100ml

    Kyrovite B1 100ml

    R139.27 INCL VAT
  • Kyrovite Bco Super 100ml

    Kyrovite Bco Super 100ml

    R120.75 INCL VAT
  • Laxapet 50g

    Laxapet 50g

    R87.70 INCL VAT
  • Mayo Scissors CVD 14cm

    R232.55 INCL VAT
  • Milbemax Chewy Dog

    Milbemax Chewy Dog

    R26.35R80.07 INCL VAT
  • Milbemax Classic Puppy

    Milbemax Classic Puppy

    R21.53 INCL VAT
  • Milkopup


    R131.00R1895.66 INCL VAT
  • Milpro Deworming Single Tablets (Dogs & Puppies)

    R15.85R51.55 INCL VAT
  • Mirracote Healthi Treats


    R85.89R237.85 INCL VAT
  • Mirracote Healthi Treats

    Mirracote Healthi Treats

    R58.67 INCL VAT
  • Mirracote With Biozinc 200ml

    Mirracote With Biozinc 200ml

    R136.79 INCL VAT
  • Mobiflex 250g

    R284.27 INCL VAT
  • Mobiflex- Ld 250g

    Mobiflex- Ld 250g

    R328.23 INCL VAT