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  • Terramycin 100 100ml

    Terramycin 100

    R227.18 Excl. Vat

    Out of stock (Can be placed on backorder - price may vary/change)

  • Terramycin Aerosol 4G 150ml

    Terramycin Aerosol 4G 150ml

    R118.66 Excl. Vat

    In stock

  • Ultratet

    Ultratet 500ml

    R281.11 Excl. Vat

    In stock

  • Up-Cal

    Up-Cal Injectable Solution

    R121.57R431.25 Excl. Vat

    In stock

  • ViroGon Disinfectant 5kg

    ViroGon Disinfectant 5kg

    R838.50 Excl. Vat

    In stock

  • ViroGon Disinfectant Mat

    ViroGon Disinfectant Mat

    R1040.00 Excl. Vat

    Only 2 left in stock (can be backordered)

  • Vitamin B12 100ml (Rucenta)

    Vitamin B12 100ml (Rucenta)

    R96.36 Excl. Vat

    In stock