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  • Avex 1L

    Avex 1L

    R811.44 INCL VAT
  • Cevamec 500ml

    Cevamec 500ml

    R406.41 INCL VAT
  • Cydectin Pour On 5L

    Cydectin Pour On 5L

    R3711.97 INCL VAT
  • Dectomax Inj Soln 500ml

    Dectomax Inj Soln 500ml

    R1891.18 INCL VAT
  • Drontal Cats Tabs 24's

    Drontal Cats Tabs (singles)

    R23.45 INCL VAT
  • Drontal Large Dog Tabs 24's

    Drontal Large Dog Tabs (singles)

    R113.90 INCL VAT
  • Drontal Medium Flav 48Tabs

    Drontal Medium Dog Tabs (singles)

    R39.35 INCL VAT
  • Ecofluke 5L

    Ecofluke 5L

    R2090.30 INCL VAT
  • Ecomectin 1% Injectable 500ml

    Ecomectin 1% Injectable

    R148.79R591.25 INCL VAT
  • Eprecis 2% 250ml

    Eprecis 2% 250ml

    R1909.06 INCL VAT
  • Equimax Nf 7.49g

    Equimax Nf 7.49g

    R99.99 INCL VAT
  • Eqvalan Gold

    Eqvalan Gold

    R139.63 INCL VAT
  • Flukazole C 5L

    Flukazole C 5L

    R4036.49 INCL VAT
  • Fluxacur Nf 5L

    Fluxacur Nf 5L

    R3700.00 INCL VAT
  • Gardal 10%

    Gardal 10%

    R549.98R2297.79 INCL VAT
  • Ivermax injectable antiparasitic for cattle and sheep

    Ivermax 1% Injectable Solution

    R143.74R575.72 INCL VAT

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  • Allercalm Shampoo 250ml

    R190.15 INCL VAT
  • Allermyl Shampoo 200ml

    R335.65 INCL VAT
  • Bravecto for Dogs

    R239.68R492.42 INCL VAT
  • Bravecto Plus for Cats

    R268.00R353.00 INCL VAT