Bitek: Shift, Target Powergel, GPC8, FAM 30 (5L's) - Cape Cross

Bitek: Shift, Target Powergel, GPC8, FAM 30 (5L’s)

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Bitek:  Shift, Target Powergel, GPC8, FAM 30  (5L’s)

Product description


A powerful, heavy duty, bactericidal detergent cleaner, which can be used through all types of high or low pressure washers, using either hot or cold water. Shift rapidly penetrates and removes organic soiling and is suitable for cleaning livestock housing, vehicles and equipment. It is ideal for use under any water hardness conditions, mixes readily with water and is free-rinsing.



A heavy duty, highly alkaline detergent formulated for use as a foam/gel cleaner in piggeries. Target Powergel produces a thick, sticky foam with increased contact time which gives excellent organic soil penetration and can be used with all types of pressure washers –  with a suitable foam lance. Powergel produces excellent results where heavy levels of organic matter & soiling has built up on the building and floor surfaces and is suitable for cleaning floors, slats, walkways, walls, ceilings in piggeries.



A powerful glutaraldehyde based disinfectant which offers protection from a wide range of disease causing microorganisms. GPC8, a patented formula is highly effective against bacteria, viruses and fungi and provides residual activity on clean surfaces for up to 8 weeks after use. It is non-staining and being non-corrosive is suitable for vehicle disinfection. The high level of surfactants ensures it is active in the presence of organic matter. Registered with Act 36 and DEFRA approved.


FAM 30

An extremely powerful and fast acting Iodophor based disinfectant, approved for animal use. FAM 30 quickly kills bacteria, viruses and fungi and is active in the presence of organic matter. For poultry, it is ideal for general biosecurity such as foot baths and vehicle dips due to its slow release mechanism and ability to remain active with high levels of organic matter. It is biodegradable, stable and safe in use. The brown iodine colour also indicates activity. Registered with Act 36, Department of Agriculture and DEFRA approved.

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