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Boviflag 50 Units

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Boviflag 50 Units

Product description


The BOViFLAG™ heat detection aid helps to identify estrus in cows. The product features a scratch-off surface on top of a brightly coloured self-adhesive layer. The patch is stuck between the hip and tail head of the cow. When the cow is mounted by other cows, the scratch-off layer is removed, exposing the brightly coloured layer underneath.

  • available in 4 colours: red/orange, blue, green, pink
  • self-adhesive (no additional glue required)
  • When sticking a patch between the hip and tail end of a cow, you effectively deal with two concave areas perpendicular to each other. We have shaped our patch so that it is narrower in the middle. This prevents edges from lifting up when the patch is curved around the spinal area of the cow. We don’t want the patch to come off too easily, so we designed it for better fit.

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