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Bovikalc calcium supplement is specifically formulated for dairy cattle. Buy 4 x 190g Bovikalc Boluses online. Calcium for dairy cows should be given in the period around parturition. It is designed to help dairy cows maintain their serum calcium levels in order to manage a hypocalcemic state. Bovikalc is able to provide cows with essential calcium when they need it the most. The Bovikalc bolus dissolves completely within 30 minutes when in the rumen. The calcium chloride is then available immediately while the calcium sulphate provides sustained release of calcium post-calving. The exterior coating on the bolus makes for easy going on the throat. 

COMPOSITION: Calcium chloride, Calcium sulphate.

How do you properly administer Bovikalc to your dairy cattle?

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Water Dosage and directions for use: A special Bovikalc bolus applicator is provided and this is used to give the cow the boluses. Give one bolus of Bovikalc prior to or immediately after calving and a second bolus twelve hours later.

Place the bolus in the bolus applicator with the rounded end pointing forward.

If right-handed: Place yourself on the cow’s right side. Grab the cow’s upper jaw with your left hand and raise its head. Keep the cow’s head high and a little towards yourself.

Gently guide the Bovikalc applicator loaded with one Bovikalc bolus into the cow’s mouth. When you feel resistance gently guide the applicator over the tongue.

When the Bovikalc applicator is as far back in the cow’s mouth as possible, press the handle to release the bolus. Remove the applicator.

WARNING: Bovikalc should not be given to cows presenting signs of milk fever.

STORAGE: Store in original packaging at or below 25°C. The Bovikalc boluses are sensitive to humidity and should be stored in the plastic tubes until immediately before use. Keep the container tightly closed.

PRESENTATION: 4 x 190 g boluses.

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