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Drastic Deadline Extreme 10L

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Drastic Deadline Extreme 10L

Product description

Controls red lice and tsetse fly worry on cattle. Inhibits progress of blue ticks from one stage of development to the next. Pour-on with systemic mode of action.

COMPOSITION: Fluazuron 2,5% m/v, Flumethrin 1,0% m/v.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Pour-on. Use only as directed. Shake well before use. Do not mix or dilute with any other product. Drastic Deadline Extreme contains a synthetic pyrethroid acaricide and a tick development inhibitor. It is recommended that Drastic Deadline Extreme be applied at the beginning of spring (September/ October), again in summer (December/ January) and in the autumn (March/ April), dependent on Blue tick challenge. In the interim periods between Drastic Deadline Extreme applications, it is recommended that Drastic Deadline be applied for further multi-host tick control, if necessary.

DOSAGE: The basic dose is 1ml per 10 kg body mass. Apply the required dose volume along the backline.

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