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Kenocox 10 L

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Kenocox 10 L

Product description

Kenocox  disinfectant is a broad spectrum disinfectant effective against excreted endoparasites (e.g. Eimeria spp, Cryptosporidium parvum) and bacteria.
Kenocox helps to reduce infection pressure in animal houses. It can be applied on all kinds of surface.
Kenocox is a unique formula without phenol, safe for users and animals.


Features of Kenocox disinfectant:

  • Broad spectrum disinfectant
  • Highly effective against endoparasites and bacterial infections
  • Safer to use than most disinfectants

How to use Kenocox Disinfectant

Kenocox Disinfectant has been tested and proven to kill 100% coccidiosis at a dilution rate of 4% (1 to 25) for a contact time of 2 hours and 100% cryptosporidium at a dilution rate of 2% (1 to 50) for a contact time of 2 hours. When used properly Kenocox Disinfectant will effectively kill all endoparasites and bacteria in the shed or house being cleaned.

Step 1) The area being cleaned must be completely cleaned of organic matter. making sure to remove dried in dung and straw and to make sure to pay particular attention to corners and angles between walls, ceilings and floors.

Step 2) Allow the area to dry thoroughly

Step 4) Dilute the Kenocox Disinfectant at the desired rate (use the table below for guidance) and spray on all surfaces that come into contact with animals. Make sure to cover all surface areas with 400ml per metre squared.

Step 5) Allow minimum contact time of 2 hours


Target Parasite Dilution Rate Frequency of Application Contact Time Coverage Needed Per M² Coverage Per Bottle
Coccidiosis 4% (1 to 25) At cleaning time and between Calving 2 Hours 400ml 625M²
Cryptosporidium 2% (1 to 50) At cleaning time and between Calving 2 Hours 400ml 1250M²


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