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MultiDip dip for cattle 20L

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MultiDip dip for cattle 20L

Product description

MultiDip: Dip for Cattle

In order to protect cattle from a variety of diseases transmitted by ticks it is recommended that farmers dip the cattle regularly. MultiDip is used for the control of external parasites on cattle. The combination emulsifiable concentrate is used in a Plunge dip/ Spray race/ Hand spray that controls ticks and kills lice. This dip for cattle is particularly effective as it has a tick detaching effect. Improper tick removal can cause infection, using MultiDip can prevent this. Controls nuisance, biting and face flies. Protects against screw worm infestation in cattle. 

COMPOSITION: Cymiazole 175 g/l, Cypermethrin 25 g/l.


DOSAGE AND DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Use only as directed. For external use on cattle: Shake well before use. Protect from extremes of heat and cold

Pre-mixing: Add a measured volume of concentrate to double that volume of water (whilst stirring) to produce a creamy emulsion. Then add this pre-mix to the bulk of the water in the dip tank or spray race sump. Agitate to achieve thorough mixing of the dip wash.

Dipping of cattle: It is best to dip calves under three months of age separately


This is the preferred method of dipping large numbers of cattle. A well constructed plunge dip ensures that the entire animal is wet.

Fresh fill (charge): 1.5: 1 000 (1.5 L to 1 000 L water)

Replenish:  3: 1 000 (3 L to 1 000 L water)


This gentler method of dipping is preferred for dairy cows as there is less chance of the cow injuring itself.

1.5: 1 000 (1.5 L to 1 000 L water)

Boost spray wash by adding 200 ml of MultiDip after every 100 head of cattle dipped

Note: It is not good spray race practice to carry dip wash over from one spraying to the next. Only make sufficient wash for each spraying (+/- 3 litres per head plus the amount for the pump system).


This method is effective for tick control with fewer numbers of animals.

15 ml MultiDip per 10 L water. Thoroughly wet the animal by spraying from below upwards so that the hair is lifted by the spray. Concentrate on the ears, under the tail and in the tail brush.


Ticks, flies and screw worms: Dip or spray weekly.

Lice: Dip or spray when necessary.


  • Do not slaughter animals for human consumption within 7 days of last dipping.
  • No milk withdrawals.

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