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Multimin + Se + Cu + Cr for Cattle 500ml

Product description

Multimin + Se + Cu + Cr for Cattle

Multimin is an injectable source of zinc, manganese, copper, selenium and chromium. Multimin + Se + Cu + Cr significantly increases the trace mineral status of cattle. Trace minerals are an essential part of the bodily function and play a crucial role in the overall health of cattle. Trace minerals assist in growth,  reproduction and they help dairy cattle with their defence systems. Multimin + Se + Cu + Cr is ideal for topping up trace minerals and promoting the health and well being of livestock prior to critical events (e.g. breeding, calving, weaning, induction to feedlots) when demand may increase. Trace minerals administered through injection can be more effective than when supplied orally. This is because the known amount of trace minerals can be measured out to individual animals.

INDICATIONS: For the prevention and treatment of a deficiency in zinc and/or manganese and/or selenium and/or copper and/or chromium in cattle.

WARNINGS: Consult a veterinarian before use.

COMPOSITION: Each ml contains: Zinc 40 mg, manganese 10 mg, selenium 5 mg, copper 15 mg, chromium 5 mg.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Use only as directed. Inject cattle subcutaneously on the side of the neck.


Calves: 25 kg – 100 kg body mass 1 ml/50 kg.

Weaner Calves: 101 kg – 225 kg body mass 1 ml/75 kg.

Adult Cattle: 1 ml/100 kg.


Bulls: 3 times per year.

Cows: 4 weeks prior to calving 4 weeks prior to breeding/AI 4 weeks prior to drying off.

Heifers: Every 3 months until breeding.

Calves: 4 weeks prior to weaning.

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