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Rumix Powder 4 X 100g

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Rumix Powder 4 X 100g

Product description

COMPOSITION: Sodium propionate 15 % m/m, molasses products 47,5 % m/m.


  • Aims at restoring normal ruminal function.
  • Re-establishing ruminal motility.
  • Regulating digestion.
  • Improving appetite and promoting feed conversion following tick-borne gallsickness, redwater, mastitis, footrot and other infections, digestive disturbances, stress, transport, change of food, low-grade roughage, poisonous plants, and recurring bloat.
  • Rumix should also be employed as an appetite stimulator in cattle and sheep, where animals are fed on low-grade roughage, winter grazing, and with sudden changes of food, such as entering feedlots or translocations.

Ruminants are particularly prone to ruminal disturbances varying from suboptimal motility to total atony following stress, sudden change of food, low-grade roughage, poisonous plants or metabolic disturbances. With reduced ruminal activity (motility) the pH of the rumen rises as a result of salivary buffering. (Normal ruminal activity requires a pH of 6,6 to 7,0, i.e. slightly acidic.) An increased pH interferes with fermentation and with the production of volatile fatty acids. An insignificant digestive disturbance may initiate a vicious cycle leading to prolonged convalescence or even death. Sodium propionate is converted to propionic acid, a naturally occurring volatile fatty acid which acidifies the rumen and provides an immediate source of energy. Molasses and yeast products supply the substrate for the resumption of normal fermentation.

CONTRA-INDICATIONS: Animals that have overeaten on grain rations. In these instances, the rumen of the animals is very acidic.

WARNINGS: Although this remedy has been extensively tested under a large variety of conditions, failure thereof may ensue as a result of a wide range of reasons. If this is suspected, seek veterinary advice and notify the registration holder.

DOSAGE AND DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Use only as directed.

Adult cattle:

  • Ruminal disturbances: If still eating – 100 g (one measure) for 2-4 days in food.
  • Ruminal disturbances: If not eating – 200 g (2 measures) in 1 litre water twice daily for 2 days.
  • Digestive regulation: Dose 50 g (½ measure) per animal per day.
  • Feedlots: Dose one measure dissolved in one litre of water on arrival followed by 50 g Rumix per animal per day for 7-10 days or until ruminal motility is established or until the animal eats the required mass of ration.

Young cattle:

  • Half of the above dose.

Adult sheep, calves:

  • A quarter measure (25 g) twice daily for 4 days.


  • 10 g (one tablespoonful) in food twice daily for 4 days.

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