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Startvac 25 Dose

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Startvac 25 Dose

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The full immunisation scheme induces immunity from approximately day 13 after the first injection until approximately day 78 after the third injection (equivalent to 130 days post-parturition).

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Intramuscular use. The injections should be preferably administered on the alternate sides of the neck. Allow the vaccine to reach a temperature of +15 to + 25 °C before administration. Shake before use.

DOSAGE: Administer one dose (2 ml) by deep intramuscular injection in the neck muscles and according to the following schedule:

  • First injection at 45 days before the expected parturition date.
  • Second injection 35 days thereafter (corresponding to 10 days before the expected parturition date).
  • Third injection 62 days after the second injection (equivalent to 52 days post-parturition).
  • The full immunisation program should be repeated with each gestation.

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