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Vitamin AE 100ml

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Vitamin AE 100ml

Product description

KYROVITE A-E injection is a high-potency aqueous of Vitamin A and E. It is a milky, yellowish-white fluid of low viscosity.

Vitamin A is the only vitamin commonly deficient in diets of range livestock. The deficiency occurs either as a primary disease due to an absolute deficiency of Vitamin A or its precursor carotene in the diet or as a secondary disease in which the dietary supply is adequate but digestion, absorption or metabolism is interfered with to produce a deficiency.

Each ml of KYROVITE A-E contains:
500 000 i.u. Vitamin A
50 i.u. Vitamin E Preservative: benzyl alcohol 1%


Dosage And Directions For Use:
Give by deep intramuscular injection 1ml per 250kg or 2ml per 500kg body mass. Repeat every 2 to 3 months during dry grazing conditions except where otherwise recommended. Under intensive farming conditions Vitamin A requirements may be higher and larger doses therefore required.

Keep in a cool dark place, preferably in a refrigerator (but do not freeze).

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