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Identipet Hub

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Identipet Hub

Product description

Enrich your pet’s life, protect your home and connect from anywhere
Because your Microchip Pet Door connect system communicates wirelessly, where you choose to locate your Hub can affect its performance.

Here are some tips to find the best place:

  • We advise you to locate your Hub within 10 meters of where you intend to put your Pet Door. This range could be larger or smaller depending on interference, so please also follow the tips below.
  • Keep your Hub as far away as possible from any potential sources of interference, for example, digital cordless phones, baby monitors, wireless video senders, etc.
  • Where possible, position your Hub so that it is in line-of-sight of your Pet Door – this should improve performance.
  • Thick walls and a large distance between the Hub and your Pet Door can affect performance.
  • Place the Hub so it is roughly 1 metre off the ground, or higher. Preferably on a table or shelf which is as clear of obstructions as possible.
  • Make sure the Hub isn’t positioned next to any large metal objects – eg. fridges.
  • Also, don’t position your Hub so that it is near or in line of sight of any large amounts of water such as fish tanks.

Use with:

  1. The Sureflap microchip connect Pet Door
  2. The Sureflap microchip connect Cat Flap

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