Revolution Dog (Single tube) - Cape Cross

Revolution Dog (Single tube)

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Revolution Dog (Single tube)

Product description

Topical parasiticide for the treatment, control, and prevention of flea infestations, control of flea allergy dermatitis, treatment, and control of ear mites in dogs, and control of sarcoptic mange in dogs.


  • For treatment of intestinal roundworm infestations in dogs.
  • For the control of tick infestations in dogs.
  • For the treatment of lice infestations in dogs.
  • For the prevention of heartworm disease by controlling the microfilaria of Dirofilaria immitis in dogs.
  • Litter protection in puppies against flea and roundworm infestations after birth.
  • May aid in the control of existing environmental flea infestations in areas to which the animal has access.

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