Royal Canin Yorkshire Terrier Adult - Cape Cross

Royal Canin Yorkshire Terrier Adult

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Royal Canin Yorkshire Terrier Adult

Product description

This Exclusive kibble has been developed to be perfectly adapted to the jaw of the Yorkshire Terrier. It makes it easier for the Yorkshire Terrier to pick up and encourages him to chew.


  • Coat Health: The Yorkshire Terrier’s hair is known for its continuous growth and natural softness. This exclusive formula helps maintain the health of the Yorkshire Terrier’s long coat. Enriched with Omega-3 fatty acids (EPA & DHA), Omega-6 fatty acids, and biotin.
  • Satisfies Fussy Appetites: Yorkshire Terriers are known to have a fussy appetite. A very palatable food is therefore recommended to fully satisfy them. This formula satisfies the fussiest of appetites with a combination of exceptional aromas and flavors.
  • Healthy Aging Support: The Yorkshire Terrier is known to have a long life expectancy. This formula supplies a selection of nutrients to help maintain health in mature dogs.

The Royal Canin Yorkshire Terrier Dog Food Pouches is designed exclusively for pure breed Yorkshire Terriers over 10 months, and is the perfect complement to the Yorkshire Terrier Adult dry formula Supports skin & coat health Stimulates appetite Supports healthy intestinal transit 100% Complete and Balanced Nutrition 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

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