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African Horse Sickness [Price is per dose]

R390.64 Excl. Vat

Price is per dose. Dose = 1st vaccination AND the booster vaccination.
**1 box = 2 doses**
Therefore, for ONE box, quantity must be x2 when placing your order.

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African Horse Sickness [Price is per dose]

Product description

Freeze-dried, polyvalent, live attenuated horse sickness virus strains for the prophylactic immunisation of horses,
mules and donkeys against horse sickness.
The vaccine is presented as two separate injections with different horse sickness virus types. First administer combination 1 and at least three weeks later combination 2.

Store the vaccine in a refrigerator at a temperature of 4 ˚C to 8 ˚C. Do not use the vaccine after the expiry date printed on the bottle.

Foals born of unvaccinated dams can be inoculated at any age but foals of immune dams should not be vaccinated
until they are at least six to seven months old. Animals should preferably be immunised during early summer.
Immunisation of mares should be avoided during the first three months of pregnancy. Annual immunisation is recommended. It takes up to 2 – 3 vaccinations for horses to become immune to all the serotypes in the vaccine.
It is therefore important to combine vaccination with the control of the Culicoides midges which transmit the
disease. Horses can be protected from midge bites by stabling them from dusk to dawn, using insect repellents
and keeping animals away from low-lying vlei areas or other surface water during the day.

Use only as directed.
The active ingredient of the vaccine is in the form of a powder or pellet in a small bottle. Connect one of the
enclosed needles to one of the syringes with diluent and transfer the contents to bottle no. 1. Mix thoroughly until
the powder is dissolved and withdraw the contents into the syringe. The vaccine is now ready for use and must
be injected without delay. Avoid exposure to high temperatures and direct sunlight during inoculation. Keep the
remainder of the package at 4 ˚C – 8 ˚C for use at least 3 weeks later.
DOSAGE: 2 ml subcutaneously

Available in series of 4 bottles sufficient for 2 doses.

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