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  • Acrisulph 500ml

    R242.56 INCL VAT
  • Acryflavine in glycerine 0.1% 2.5L

    R582.29 INCL VAT
  • AD3E

    R206.82R965.43 INCL VAT
  • AD3E 500ml

    AD3E 500ml

    R965.43 INCL VAT
  • Aerosol Marker 500ML

    R90.82 INCL VAT
  • Agita 50g 10WG Fly Bait

    R185.33 INCL VAT
  • AI Sheaths

    R79.35R86.91 INCL VAT
  • Allflex 30mm HDX Open Electronic ID Tag

    R34.40 INCL VAT
  • Allflex Bottle Fed Syringes

    R421.58R448.39 INCL VAT
  • Allflex Broad Tip Pen

    R128.00 INCL VAT
  • Allflex Button Male/ Maxi Female (bag of 10)

    R110.40 INCL VAT
  • Allflex Button Male/ Maxi Female (bag of 100)

    R1046.32R1167.32 INCL VAT
  • Allflex Button Male/Senior Female (bag of 10)

    R81.28 INCL VAT
  • Allflex Ovina Male/Female Tags (bag of 100)

    R485.76 INCL VAT
  • Allflex Pour-On / Oral Drench Applicator

    R914.25R933.69 INCL VAT
  • Allflex Safety Tag Removal Tool

    R99.59 INCL VAT

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  • Allercalm Shampoo 250ml

    R190.15 INCL VAT
  • Allermyl Shampoo 200ml

    R388.42 INCL VAT
  • Bravecto for Dogs

    R239.68R524.95 INCL VAT
  • Bravecto Plus for Cats

    R296.36R353.00 INCL VAT