TickillPlus 5L - Cape Cross

TickillPlus 5L

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TickillPlus 5L

Product description


Chlorfenvinphos……..30.0 % m/v

Alpha-cypermethin……3.0 % m/v



Cattle:  Plunge dip and spray race:  1:1000 (1 L in 1000 L water – Replenish at 1:600.  Hand Spray:  1:1000 (10ml in 10 L water)

Sheep:  Dip and belly bath:  1:1000 (1 L in 1000 L water) – Replenish at 1:600.  Hand Dressing:  1:500 (20ml to 10L water)


Sheep:  Kills sheep scab mites.  Controls itch mites and ticks (including Karoo paralysis ticks), kills lice and keds and aids in the protection against blowfly strike and midge worry.

Cattle:  For plunge dips, spray race and hand spraying.  Controls ticks and biting and sucking lice.  Aids in the protection against nuisance flies and screwworm infestations.

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