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Copronat 250ml

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Copronat 250ml

Product description

Based on plant extract, to be used in cases of coprophagia (eating faeces); helps reduce the smell of stool.

Copronat is a completely safe, natural food supplement containing Yucca Schidigera extract (YSE) that stops Coprophagia in most dogs. By simply spraying the required amount on the cat’s or dog’s food whose poo is being eaten, Copronat changes the taste of the poo making it unpalatable to most dogs.

Be patient as it may take up to 6 weeks of daily feeding before you see results. Copronat can also be used to get rid of the bad smell of flatulence in both cats and dogs. Stops Coprophagia in most dogs in 6 weeks if used daily. Treats smelly flatulence in dogs and cats.

Natural and safe food supplement 250 ml bottle

For Coprophagia Spray 2mL (4 pump depressions) onto food for every 10kg that the animal weighs.

  • 0-10kg: 2mL per day (4 pump depressions)
  • 10-20kg: 4mL per day (8 pump depressions)
  • 20-30kg: 6mL per day (12 pump depressions)

For Flatulence Spray onto the food of the animal which experiences flatulence.

Use dosages as indicated above.

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