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Bovilis S

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Bovilis S

Product description

After natural challenge with Salmonella spp., vaccinated animals may develop mild disease but do not shed the organisms.

COMPOSITION: BOVILIS S is a bivalent, killed, whole-cell vaccine containing Salmonella Dublin and Salmonella typhimurium antigens. Each 1 ml contains a minimum of 5 x 108 organisms of inactivated Salmonella Dublin and 5 x 108 organisms of inactivated Salmonella typhimurium with thiomersal 0,1 mg as a preservative.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Shake before and during use. Use needles of appropriate length and gauge i.e. 16 gauge 15 mm.

DOSAGE: 2 ml subcutaneously. The recommended site of injection is that used for routine injection in cattle i.e. under the skin in the neck.

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