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Intra Hoof-fit Bath Soap 20L

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Intra Hoof-fit Bath Soap 20L

Product description


Footbathing with 5% Intra Hoof-fit Bath is a safe and sustainable way to reduce lameness. The combination of cleaning and skin care was proven effective within 12 weeks in a large field trial by Nantes University. 4677 dairy cows from 52 farms were involved in this trial, which has been published in the Journal of Dairy Science. This study was included research from the university of Calgary, where 13 globally published studies on footbath products were compared. Intra Hoof-fit bath was the only effective preventive product, when compared with for example copper sulfate, formalin, and commercial competitor products.


1. Scientifically proven protocol

2. The only significantly effective bath product

3. pH and temperature independent

4. Contains Aloë Vera and chelated organic minerals

5. Intra Hoof-fit technology inside

6. Friendly and safe for the farmer, animal and biogas manure digester

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