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Orbeseal 144 Syringes

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Orbeseal 144 Syringes

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Dairy producers have trusted ORBESEAL® for 15 years to help protect cows from new mastitis infections during the dry period. ORBESEAL is a sterile nonantibiotic intramammary infusion in the form of a viscous paste. The first-to-market teat sealant works by:

  • Mimicking the cow’s natural first line of defense, the keratin plug
  • Providing a safe, antibiotic free physical barrier between the udder and the environment.


  1. Teats should be clean and dry. If teats are not clean, CAREFULLY wash and dry them before disinfection.
  2. Using an alcohol pad, physically clean the end of the teat to remove any contaminated skin, dirt or manure. Repeat until the pad remains clean.
  3. Disinfect the far teats before the near teats to avoid accidental contamination of previously disinfected teats.
  4. Insert the syringe nozzle of ORBESEAL® into the teat canal, grasp the base of the teat near the udder attachment with two fingers, press firmly together and slowly inject all contents. Use one complete syringe per quarter. Do not massage. ORBESEAL must remain in the teat to be effective.
  5. Insert ORBESEAL into the nearest teats first, to minimize contamination of teats that have not been treated.
  6. After inserting ORBESEAL, mark the cow so others can tell she has been dried off. Then dip each teat with a quality teat dip.

ORBESEAL requires no milk or preslaughter withdrawal. Follow the withdrawal rules described on the label when ORBESEAL is used in conjunction with a dry cow treatment program.

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